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AllPro Services Group is your full service
Property Maintenance Company!

We are currently serving clients in the DE, MD, VA, and DC areas, specializing in providing cost-saving solutions to address a wide spectrum of property maintenance needs for your home or business.

Our Story

Residential Remedies of Delaware and New Season Landscaping has been providing a variety of services to clients in the tri-county area for the past several years. Residential Remedies of DE specialized in design/construction services in addition to HUD/Property Preservation work. New Season Landscaping specialized in providing a full range of lawn cutting and landscape services to residential/commercial clients for many years. Given the evolving needs of respective clients it was decided to merge businesses and re-brand. This merger has been both timely and beneficial. Now clients can make one phone call to address a multiplicity of services.

house in woman hands - real estate concept

Whether you need exterior landscape services, interior renovations or just a friendly, knowledgeable handyman, let our team of Professionals handle your upcoming project.

In addition, we are an approved vendor for HUD, Property Preservation and Real Estate Owned (REO)service work. If you are a residential client, HOA, Property Manager, or Real Estate Office, we stand ready to assist you in the management of your commercial or residential property maintenance needs. At AllPro we can handle it all!

John Spurlock – President/CEO

John runs the day to day Operations and Production side of the AllPro Services Group, Inc., and brings over 15 years of experience in the design/construction business. He takes pride in each project he takes on and believes strongly in doing things right the first time. Most recently, he has spent the last several years building an impressive property preservation portfolio servicing over 250 Real Estate Owned (REO) homes in the tri-state area for HUD. Since rebranding as AllPro Services Group, Inc. John is focused on building a one-source solution for total home improvement and complete property maintenance services. John is a family man, husband, and proud father of 2 sons, and an award-winning daughter who keeps him busy collecting trophies at all of her gymnastic competitions.


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