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With AllPro Services Group, Inc. is your one-stop shop for all your Real Estate Owned (REO), Property Preservation, or HUD property needs.

We have extensive knowledge and years of experience maintaining and repairing various types of properties.  AllPro Services will manage and maintain the asset in compliance with investor and regulatory guidelines, as well as Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and local city ordinances.  Your property is our number one priority.

AllPro Services Group, Inc offers the following field services:

  • One time/monthly inspections
  • Initial securing/Lock changes
  • Mold remediation
  • Lot clearing
  • Clean-outs/Debris removal
  • Maid services
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  • Roof repairs
  • Installation of pool covers
  • Demolition & Lot Clearing
  • Water abatement
  • Window boarding to HUD specifications
  • Brush and tree removal
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If you would like to learn more about our Property Preservation & REO Services contact us today!

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